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Subject - Tank battle
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Posted By: Guy (2003-04-02 12:49:56)

Who wants to join a multiplayer game where you may only produce tanks and transport ships?
Marines or other city taking units may only be produced after 100 turns.
Who's in?
Posted By: Borg (2003-04-02 12:54:40)

I would rather see a multiplayer game that any unit can be built that can not fly or float (transport shops only allowed!)

Hovertanks - not allowed
jetpack marines - not allowed

Posted By: Tully (2003-04-02 12:58:59)

Set the game type to last unit rather than last city. That would make this interesting.
Posted By: Guy (2003-04-02 13:01:31)

Fine for me, Gene.
Can you start it up and make the rules?
Eh, transport shops are that the one's you can buy on tax-free, or you simply mean ships? ;-)
Posted By: Borg (2003-04-02 13:07:40)

The o and i keys are close together. I should read my replies before I send them. transport ships are the only exception.

I will start one.

Engineers can be made along with what they make along with ANY land unit.

game: tank
PW tank


Posted By: Guy (2003-04-02 13:25:33)

Gene, I joined your group. My situation at present is the following:
game: AllOutWar: waiting for Domofizz to play
game: tankjagers: blocked
game: marines: waiting for two more players to start the game
game: tank: yoy are waiting for two more players to start the game

What about you?
Posted By: Borg (2003-04-02 13:31:29)

AllOutWar: waiting for DomoFizz to play
Tankjagers: Game over waiting to find out what to do next with it.
marines: waiting for game to start
tank: waiting for 2 more to join

I will be leaving for the day in 30 min.

Posted By: Guy (2003-04-02 13:34:54)

OK, in 30 min it will be 11 pm at my place. I will go to sleep. Catch up tomorrow ?
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