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Subject - running on my IPAQ rx1950
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Posted By: Anonymous (2006-02-11 20:15:45)

I'm having problems running the game on my IPAQ.

I downloaded the trial, installed it, it works on my laptop fine, but when I try to run it on my handheld it loads for a while, says I need more space and then just freezes and I end up having to remove the battery...

I have the game installed on my 1 gig storage card but it seems to be running of memory from my device, is there any way I can change that? or should I just try to remove as much stuff as possible to get it to run
Posted By: Anonymous (2006-02-11 22:46:46)

in the / directory of your pda is a mtrace.txt file. If you can post it here I can take a look and see how much more memory you need (if that is the problem.) Also, what model Ipaq is it?
Posted By: Anonymous (2006-02-11 22:48:07)

dumb question sorry, should read the title. The problem is that the current version of pocket war does not work on Windows mobile 5. The beta version will work but still has some speed issues. You can try it, it is stable and won't crash your device but runs a little slow.
Posted By: Tully (2006-02-20 14:27:36)

The new beta 1.707 should address the speed problems here
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