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Subject - PocketWar 1.8
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Posted By: Tully (2006-02-15 23:20:10)

Finally after a long time I have some free time to work on Pocket War again. I am working on the final couple of problems and trying to speed up the beta once more. On that note... I can increase the speed of the game simply by targeting windows mobile 2003 and up. That would mean finally dropping support for older models (like my trusty ancient jornada.)

How many people out there still play pocket war on pre-2003 devices?
Posted By: Guy (2006-02-28 10:05:28)

How many people out there still play pocket war on pre-2003 devices?

Nobody can answer that question, Tully. Better make a deadline for release of pre-2003 version. Can't make evolution compete with nostalgie.
Posted By: Lugosi (2006-03-01 07:39:38)

Count me in on the 2002 version, but I understand that upgrading in this kind of technology is imminent. I am gonna take a look at some of the WM2003 and WM2005 devices that are out there and see if they would be in my budget range.
Posted By: Anonymous (2006-03-05 18:18:57)

Since the 1.8 is just 1.6 with support for different resolution screens I'm not going to try and backport it to work on 2002 devices. But I will keep a link up to the 1.6 version that does support those older devices.
Posted By: Lugosi (2006-03-07 16:04:45)

Will 1.6 be the last hurrah for the WM2002 devices?
Posted By: Anonymous (2006-03-08 08:57:58)

Im unsure.

Once 1.8 is out I will spend some time trying to back port it. If I can't get that to work then I can always try and move forward with both 1.6 and 1.8. The only real difference is the graphics layer, and basically what I did was make SDL look like gapidraw, so continuing to support both is an option.

But I can't make any guarantees.
Posted By: Lugosi (2006-04-05 07:58:13)

My biggest concern is that I would LOVE to have the mapmaker and scenario functionality for the WM2002 version. I am really looking forward to that!
Posted By: Anonymous (2006-04-05 08:19:00)

1.6 will already load scenarios and the map maker will be a seperate program so you should be ok there.
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