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Subject - Why not larger than 1280x1024?
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Posted By: Anonymous (2006-03-20 03:33:03)

Irun dual manotirs at 1600x1200 each(desktop). Is there a way to make PW run in higher resolutions? It would be awesome if it supported proper windows which would show a larger grid as the window was resized. And showing different windows simulaniously would be awesome too. ex: the search window or status windows can be open in a different window from the map screen, but at the same time. On dual screens you ould have everything open at the same time. See all you stats ata glance.
Posted By: Anonymous (2006-03-20 08:49:53)

You can run it at a higher resolution (if you have a really fast graphics card.) What you do is open open up pocketwar.set in the c:/program files/metalshard/ directory. Just use wordpad to look at it. Setting #59 is the width and setting #60 is the height so set #59 to 1600 and #60 to 1200. You will have to run in window mode rather than full screen. Then go into the settings in the game and go to the video section. On the screen size choose the very last entry which should now be 1600x1200. Make sure you also turn off full screen.
Posted By: Anonymous (2006-03-20 08:51:01)

Oh I should also mention you have to be running the beta version for that to work.
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