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Subject - Multiplay games
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Posted By: Guy (2003-04-02 13:39:09)

Tully, are you monitoring the multiplay games ?
Any idea of how much games going on at this time or has been played already ?
Posted By: Tully (2003-04-02 14:13:13)

Not to many so far. There are 8 active multiplayer groups, four games currently running and two that have finished.

Today is the first for a non-beta release so I expect it to pick up some time around next week. (There is usually a week lag where people are downloading the game, installing it and finally getting around to playing the new version.)
Posted By: Guy (2003-04-03 02:55:05)

Tully, about the game Tankjagers:
any way to end this game?
I surrender,Gene is the best.
Posted By: Borg (2003-04-03 03:57:47)

I tried to leave the game but it will not let me. It said that I must finish the game. How do you end the game?
Posted By: Guy (2003-04-03 04:36:03)

What 's the meaning of calling you Borg if your name is Gene, anyway?
Posted By: Borg (2003-04-03 05:07:10)

Star Trek fan, that all.
Posted By: Anonymous (2003-04-03 05:13:21)

The person that created the group can kill of the game. They just need to go to the multiplayer page and click the "new game" button.
Posted By: Borg (2003-04-03 05:19:25)

Sorry but I do not see a "new game" button in that area.
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