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Subject - crashing blues with mods...
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Posted By: Peter (2006-07-21 21:50:09)

When I try and start a game (on a cingular 8125 ppc) with any of the mods activated (or when i press the script button for the engineer for that matter)..., the game crashes and does this wierd thing where the upper half of the screen shot takes the place of the start menu bar and it can be hard to access anything on my machine until manually ending the program or restarting the phone.... when i deactivate ingame all the mods, the game runs fine (although there are still a few random crashes for no apparent reason)... any advice?
Posted By: Tully (2006-07-22 08:37:08)

whenever you have a crash go into the menus and turn on tracing. Then post the trace file (mtrace.txt in the root of the device.) That usually gives me a good idea of whats going on.
Posted By: RipperFox® (2006-08-28 11:31:26)

I have the same problem...but it also happens in other when I click on something once and no action occurs, so I click again (kinda like double clicking) and the symptoms Peter discribes happen to me. (Seimens SX66) Engineer
Script button is the fastest way for me to exit the that beast and I'm out...
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