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Subject - save games going to wrong directory
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Posted By: phil (2006-09-11 15:24:47)

Where can I change the save game directory on my PC. It is trying to write to an old directory that no longer exhists. I attempted to create the one it's looking for with no success.

0 Version 1.602
0 OS Version 5.1 Service Pack 2
0 Owner NONE
0 Avl Memory = 2116005888
0 gProgramPath C:\Program Files\MetalShard\
0 TRACE - SCRIPTMGR -- Starting up jscript
0 TRACE - SCRIPTMGR -- Finished starting up jscript
0 TRACE - MOD -- Loading MOD pocketwar.mod
0 TRACE - MOD -- Loaded MOD PocketWar
0 TRACE - MOD -- MOD PocketWar is default
1094 Full Version Code is 53541261108
1875 gSaveGamePath \WM_Administrat1 My Documents\PocketWar Data\
22188 ERROR - Failed to save game \WM_Administrat1 My Documents\PocketWar Data\pw0.pwg
58375 Critical Error in C:\dev\pocketwar\game.cpp at line 4480

Posted By: Anonymous (2006-09-11 15:39:19)

There is a setting called "no sync" in the options. If you check that then it will start to save games under the pocket war install directory instead of trying to put them in the sync directory for "my documents."
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