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Subject - Dell axim x51v
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Posted By: Anonymous (2006-10-05 20:26:37)

i tried this on x51v it starts loading then stops whats goin on with this?
Posted By: Tully (2006-10-06 07:58:41)

make sure you are using 1.7. Previous versions have problems on windows mobile 5 devices. I test with an x50v so the 51 should not have a problem.
Posted By: Anonymous (2006-10-14 23:51:56)

version 1.710 starts loading then hangs up
Posted By: Tully (2006-10-14 23:54:41)

Try uninstalling all versions you might have installed (1.6X, 1.7X, and any mods you might have) using the uninstall from either active sync or directly on the pda. Then reinstall 1.71 and see if that fixes it. If it doesnt there is a mtrace.txt file put in the / directory of your pda. Post that here or email it to me and I will try and figure out what is going on.
Posted By: ShadowWraith (2006-12-07 10:32:38)

I'm pretty sure I got this to work with my x51v when I first got it, but I've not been using games much and I got a new x51v b/c my had issues... so I'll load it later and if I have any issues, I'll post back, but I suspect it will work fine.
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