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Subject - Problems with txt on square screens
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Posted By: Eric B. (2006-11-10 15:24:04)

I just redownloaded PocketWar for the first time in ages. I installed it on my Treo 700wx and the game seems to run fine but the text is very squished up on the screen. This doesn't matter too much during game play, but where it has caused an issue with when I tried to create a code for the game. I can't read the PPC Code and I tried to guess at it and well I guess I guessed wrong. :D

Has anyone played the game at all on the new Treos?

Posted By: Anonymous (2006-11-10 15:59:37)

Are you actually running in square mode or is it retangular and squished to fit in the square?
Posted By: Eric B. (2006-11-11 11:06:45) was set at the default resolution of 240x320. Once I fixed that and then restarted the game, it is just fine. :D

Posted By: Anonymous (2006-11-11 21:54:33)

your the first person to officially test this. I have tested it in the emulator. How is it working on the Treo?
Posted By: phil (2006-11-12 14:23:11)

it crashes from time to time. I have the 700w as well.
Posted By: Anonymous (2006-11-13 08:15:55)

any time it crashes can you post the mtrace.txt file and a saved game here. Those will help me run down the problem.
Posted By: Eric B. (2006-11-16 19:39:52)

Hey Tully,

I can't really do much testing at this point on my Treo. I sent an email asking for the one code that I guessed at to be deleted. Is it possible to have this code deleted so that I can put in the correct one and then be able to save games and get past the 150 turns?

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