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Subject - Strategy question
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Posted By: Lex (2007-01-01 15:14:36)

I started a game that placed my one city at the far south tip of the map on a peninsula, with no way to proceed further south. It was not an island but I could not go further south. Water surrounded my W, E and N borders. All the enemy city development going on was to my N across water. All I could do is build Huey's and load 'em with two men at a time but at every attempt, even in swarms, all enemies had to do is launch a few jets and one by one eliminate my choppers. Anyone ever faced this scenario and how did you handle it? Of course I started a new game after about 150 moves. :-)
Posted By: jimbemotumbo (2007-02-06 15:02:15)

It happens. I do as you did, load up the choppers and de-select the fuel / damage options on the units. If you can get to the other land masses quickly, there won't be time for the enemy to make any jets, or there will be so few that you can get through.

I like the challenge these occasional map placements cause.
Posted By: Anonymous (2007-07-18 04:39:50)

I do not build any other air unit than choppers, and in particular, I never build tanks. The choppers are much more cost effective, and except for exploration, when possible I only send out waves of choppers (1 wave is 9 choppers, a double wave is 18 choppers). This is usually enough to kill off all units in an enemy airbase, but in rare cases, both sides just build as many as possible, and come back for more. I invariably win a battle of attrition like that.

If you have more than one city, make the other cities send all newly built choppers to your "front line" cities. This will usually enable them to send out strikes faster than the enemy can rebuild his units.

In the case here where the human player only has a single city, it will probably be too difficult to win if one has not gained a city on the other land masses early in the game. A single city cannot produce choppers enough to counteract the jets and tanks that the enemy can build with 3-4 cities.
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