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Subject - Will changing default movement affect the AI?
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Posted By: Andrew (2007-03-19 14:49:52)

For my personal playability I have changed the default move for several units in the script. Will this change affect the AI?

Posted By: Anonymous (2007-03-19 20:32:59)

I went and looked at the AIs. Sometimes it overrides what it wants the units to do, but most of the time it relies on the units knowing what they should do (i.e. the default move types being correct.) So yes changing this will have an effect on the AIs. What you can do is build a city script and attach that to the cities you take. You can model it after the AI city scripts. Basically, you want your script to catch the unitBuilt( unitLeaving ) function and then for every unit built, check it's type and modify it's move to whatever you want. You will have to assign the script to every city you capture, though if you are really clever you can create a unit script that makes a unit assign the script to cities it captures, and have the city script assign the unit script to units it makes. Then basically you would have an in-game viral script running.
Posted By: Andrew (2007-03-20 01:47:03)

Any kind of documentation available on varibles, functions, events and such?
Posted By: Anonymous (2007-03-20 07:23:19)

yes on your pc go to Start -> All Programs -> MetalShard and under that menu you will see Help. In the help is a section called Script Reference that has all the script commands and what they can do.
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