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Subject - Getting an unlock code
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Posted By: Anonymous (2007-10-24 06:04:29)

I bought Pocket War circa 2003. Just recently I got a new device and needed a new code, so I sent an e-mail and also left a message here through the "Contact" form, but I have had no reply so far.

Is this game officially dead? Any way of getting the needed unlock code?
Posted By: Anonymous (2007-10-24 07:25:09)

In general all you need to do to get a new code is log into the website using the email address you used to buy the game, then at the bottom of the screen there is a button you can use to unlock the game.

I've replied to all the requests for unlock codes so my emails must not be making it to you.
Posted By: Micke (2007-10-24 09:30:21)

Thanks, I got it now. You answered my contact request, but that went to the spam folder, and in there you said you had changed my e-mail address, so my old one didn't work. It's all fixed now. Thanks!
Posted By: Anonymous (2007-10-24 09:53:42)

hehe, thats been my luck lately :)
Posted By: David (2007-10-24 12:31:22)

Ditto for me - I need to reinstall and sent a message via Contact a couple weeks back asking for a reset so I can generate a new reg code. Any chance?
Posted By: Anonymous (2007-10-24 13:00:40)

Have you checked David, I thought I already did that.
Posted By: Anonymous (2007-10-24 13:36:15)

Thank you very much. Love conquering the world over and over and over...
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