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Subject - Changes are Coming???
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Posted By: Anonymous (2008-05-11 10:13:21)


"A new version of Pocket War is finally in the works. It is still a
long way from being done, but I think everyone will enjoy the changes.
More coming soon...


You've got me interested now, Tully...

Posted By: Anonymous (2008-05-11 10:56:09)

I should have specified better. Its not a new version of pocket war. It's a rewrite of pocket war. It should be more stable and make a lot of things (like the map editor and scenarios I always wanted to do) much easier.
Posted By: Paul (2008-05-14 06:41:02)

Tully, any chance of making it available on some new platforms? iPod Phone/Touch would be nice....

Posted By: Anonymous (2008-05-14 08:05:51)

I'm writing everything in C# with XNA, so the initial targets will be windows, xbox and zune. But the XNA stuff is being seperated out so I can replace it with other calls and make a Windows Mobile version (6 and later.)

I doubt I will target the iPhone, but Apple is putting a lot of incentives out there for people who do (Blackberry as well.)
Posted By: Freelancer (2008-06-01 02:07:38)

Very eager to know more about the new version.

Perhaps some screenshots. :-D
Posted By: Compusmurf (2008-06-24 00:05:24)

Ok Tully, slip us some teasers. :)
Posted By: Anonymous (2008-06-24 16:00:04)

The screen shots will look very similar. I'm starting with the same tile set. The scope of the game will be much larger, and the focus will be multiplayer not AIs. Also, Pocket PC will not be the primary target though it should work there when I am done.
Posted By: Compusmurf (2008-06-27 08:17:52)

Pity for the PPC/Win Mobile devices. That is the only place I play it. I guess I'll stick to the previous version then. :) That is, when you have a chance to free up a code for me because of the new firmware on my device. :)
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