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Subject - Pocket War
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Posted By: demolition_man_2010 (2009-12-31 19:29:32)

Looking for the NEW version suggested that was going to happen a YEAR ago. Sure hope this is still in developement if not please release this to Open Source. Would love to see a LINUX version of this as well as an IPHONE version. If NOT and you do Release again I'll be ready to buy. Love the game still to this day.
Posted By: Tully (2010-01-05 20:57:08)

Sorry, I have been up to my eye-balls in Easy Automation ( Though I have also been playing Fire Emblem and that has reset the itch to work on Pocket War again.

I would totally release the source code but it no longer exists. It got wiped out a while back (major computer crash, no backups) which is when I started working on the new version. The front end for that version is all html and JavaScript, and I would love to turn it into an online version of Fire Emblem. I think that would be a blast to play.
Posted By: demolition_man_2010 (2010-08-06 08:57:45)

Wish someone would then REVERSE engineer the CODE. This game has been one of my Favorites for a number of years now. Sure hate to see it die this way unattended. You don't have any OLDER version at all that someone could start from?
Posted By: demolition_man_2010 (2010-08-06 08:58:40)

This game would make money on both ANDROID as well as Iphone right now and the fact it could like to the PC and maybe linux version.. Would do well also.
Posted By: demolition_man_2010 (2010-08-06 10:09:36)

Was the original code written before the online version in C? C++? C#? or VB? That could be at very least decompiled to give someone a starting point on getting another version up and going again.
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