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Subject - reviews
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Posted By: Tully (2003-04-09 08:01:53)

Hey everyone I could use some feedback on If you like Pocket War could you head over there and post some reviews.
Posted By: EvilOne (2003-04-09 17:39:28)

No problem. Already done. So the feedback should be there after their "review", just hope they don't reject it for my name!
Posted By: Anonymous (2003-04-09 21:13:16)

I dropped in some feedback also...the more the merrier.

Posted By: Tully (2003-04-09 21:26:40)

Thanks guys. I am hoping if enough Pocket War fans go there and vote we can push pocket war up into the 90% approval area. What is sad is I talked with the people that voted against Pocket War and it was just kids that hadn't really played the game. :(
Posted By: Tully (2003-04-09 23:44:03)

You know how you all just went and put feedback on They just updated my listing and reset all the comments. :(

Could I trouble everyone to do it again?
Posted By: DomoFizz (2003-04-10 04:25:04)

Not a problem for me. I hadn't had a chance yet to leave some feedback. ... Just did it ...

- Rick
Posted By: Eric B. (2003-04-10 04:56:50)

Just added one for ya Tully! Anything I can do to help out PW I do.. Tried to get people intrested on the page about a month or so ago when there was a discussion going on about good games for the Axim.

Glad to help out..

Posted By: Tully (2003-04-10 06:21:18)

Thanks guys, BTW that is a link to the windows version on It has both the windows and pocket pc versions but wont say that is has the Pocket PC version because they want me to take out another entry and pay them another $100 a month for that. :( I pointed everyone at the windows version because it gets 10x the downloads the pocket pc version gets.

This is the link to the Pocket PC version is anyone is interested...
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