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Subject - Strategies
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Posted By: Roger (2003-04-13 08:34:00)

What strategies do people use when playing Pocket War? For example what units do you create first, how many and how do you control them (explore, waypoints etc). Obviously as the game proceeds you will improvise but do you start with tried and trusted strategies?
Posted By: EvilOne (2003-04-13 09:56:46)

I start with the basic marine and then I construct tanks. I keep the one marine created inside the city and I use the tanks to find cities and send the Marine after it. Once the Marine is used I create another or if possible a commando and forget about the marines all together.
Posted By: Tully (2003-04-13 11:01:18)

Are commandos as important anymore, now that marines don't die when trying to take cities?
Posted By: EvilOne (2003-04-13 12:04:28)

They seem to take cities a lot quicker than Marines. That is why I use them. And plus they have more hitpoints, not many more, but they usually survive at least one attack and die the next!
Posted By: Compusmurf (2003-04-15 20:02:33)

Here's my stragety. It's similar to Evilone's, but some more in depth.

I'll start out making marines. After I capture another city, it makes 1 marine (back into city) 1 marine for quick exploring then tanks.

The next city I capture, makes the 2 marines, then uses the mod HUMVEE to make some of them. I send a humvee to each city and put my marines in them. After I have that, I alternate tanks/fighters.

I've noticed that the agressive enemy makes alot of dominators and fighters. In your outlying cities, keep 2-3 fighters and some spare marines. Use the marines as "bait" and pounce on the enemy fighters (as long as you have a 2-1 or 3-1 advantage) Don't let the fighters explore as they are too easily destroyed.

As the tanks explore, when you find a city, use the humvee w/marine to quickly go there and capture.

I rarely make bombers, scouts, etc (or any other fancy troops) until I've captured at least the whole island I'm on. After I own the whole island, I space tanks around it until I build engineers with cannon, AA and seacannons. after I build up my "fleet" I set sail. I use the patrols to explore ahead, have at least 1 sub, 1 seahunter and preferably 1 battleship as I take my landing craft with troops and tanks to invade.

Using this strategy allows me to take islands quickly and usually dominate even the largest games. I've rarely lost. Only play 4 player. 2 agressive, 1 defensive.

Hope this helps. Feel free to tweak it to your playing style.
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