Pocket War Instructions  


Here is an picture of the city screen in Pocket War. From this screen you can change the settings of, get information on, and set the production for cities.

city screen

The city screen provides details about a city and will let you change the setting of that city.

Default actions

The default actions set the action of newly created units. The following are what the default actions are from left to right. City scripts

The next area on the city screen is used to set city scripts.

The "Next" area

The next area on the city screen controls the type of unit that will be created next. The unit that is hilighted is the one that will be created after the current units in the build queue are produced. If you tap on the hilighted unit then the city will add one of that type of unit to the build queue. The unit that is selected will display its stats in the bottom part of the city screen. If you select the red X next to the "Next" area that will stop the city from automatically building new units.

The "Building" area

The building area shows the units that are waiting to be built along with a progress bar that shows how much has been done and how much it has left to do before the unit is built. The unit farthest to the left is the next one that will be built. To remove a unit from the build group just click on it. If you remove it from the queue all work done on it will be lost. To the left of the build group is a wrench. If you click on the wrench then the city will work on rebuilding itself rather than build new units. When the city is totally rebuilt it will automatically switch back to building units.

The "Stored" area

This area houses any units that are in the city. While units are stored here they are refueled at the rate of four units a day and repaired at the rate of one unit per day. You can select one of the units here by pressing it. Once it is selected its information will show up in the message area. If you press a unit that is already selected that unit will be kicked out of the city. If you hit the scramble button (it looks like a door with an arrow in it) then all units stored in the city will be kicked out if there is space outside the city. The blue square on 3x3 grid represent the direction in which a unit will be kicked out. If the blue square is in the middle then the unit leaving the city will do so in a random direction. If the blue square is set for a direction that the selected unit cannot go then the unit will not leave the city.