Pocket War Instructions  

Getting Started:

When you first start up Pocket War you will see the company logo and title screen. You can bypass the title screen at any time by tapping on it.

title screen

Once you are past the title screen, you will see the registration screen. If you have already registered your copy of Pocket War then you will go past this screen and to the options screen. You can skip ahead to the instructions for the options page using the [Options] link at the top of this page.

registration screen

You can use this screen to unlock your copy of Pocket War. Doing so will give you an unlimited number of turns and activate the ability to load saved games. To unlock your copy of Pocket War go to www.metalshard.com and click on the "BUY" button. On the purchase page you will be asked for your code. It is located on the top of this screen and it looks like 123-456. Once you have purchased your copy of Pocket War you will receive an email with your registration code in it. Enter that code on this page by tapping the numbers in the red boxes. When you have entered the right code the "Register" button will light up. Tap that button and you will be taken to the options page. If you would like to play the demo version just tap the "Continue" button at any time to go on to the options page.