Pocket War Instructions  


Here is an picture of the unit screen in Pocket War. From this screen you can change the settings of and get information about one of your units.

unit screen

The action buttons

The first area in the unit screen is the action area. This set of buttons are used to control the default actions of the unit. The action button from left to right are: Next to the action area are the two automatic actions auto-refuel and auto-repair. If these buttons are hilighted then the unit will go for fuel if it starts to run out or go for repairs if it needs them. If you press these buttons it will turn these auto-actions on and off for this unit.

The move buttons

The second area in the unit screen is the move area. This set of buttons is used to set the current move type for this unit. The move type of the unit tells the unit what to do if it cannot currently carry out it's action. For example, a unit set to "attack cities" and "explore" will wander around the map exploring unless it finds an enemy or neutral city. If it does the action "attack cities" will take over and the unit will head straight for the city rather than continuing to explore. The move buttons from left to right are: The grouping buttons

The next area on the unit screen controls the group that this unit belongs to. If you press the single person button then this unit will not be in any groups. If you use the left and right arrows you can add this unit to the group represented by the number in the box. When the unit is in a group the three people button will be hilighted.

Unit scripts

The next area on the unit screen is used to set unit scripts.

The Stored area

This next area is the Stored area. If this unit can store other units in itself then they will be shown here. If not this area will not be shown in the view. Much like the city screen you can press on a stored unit to hilight it. If you press on the hilighted unit it will be kicked out of this unit. If you hit the scramble button then all stored units will be kicked out of this unit. The 3x3 area next to the scramble button is the exit direction button. The blue square represents the direction that units will be leave this unit. If the blue square is in the middle then units will choose a random direction to leave.

The Build area

Only units that can build other units will have this section. The first box is used to chose the type of unit that you want this unit to build. The second box shows the unit currently being built. When the unit is built it will be moved into the stored area. If you select a unit in the first box the stats for that unit will be shown in the unit stats area. If you click on a unit in the second area it will stop that unit from being built and any work done on that unit will be lost.

The unit stats area

The last area contains the current stats of the unit being displayed. If a stat has an * next to it then this is a veteran unit and that stat has been upgraded. To get units to upgrade their stats you have to use those stats a lot. For example, if the unit move around a lot its speed will increase. If the unit get hit but does not die over and over then its defense will go up, etc.