Pocket War Instructions  


This is the waypoint screen in Pocket War.

waypoint screen

You can use the waypoint screen to change the settings that will be passed on to units that reach this waypoint and to get a list of units, cities or other waypoints that are set to go to the waypoint being displayed.

Changing a units settings

When a unit reaches a waypoint the waypoint has the option of changing the setting of that unit. The move section of this screen displays the new move setting that will be passed on to any units touching this waypoint and the action section will do the same for actions.

Move settings from left to right Action settings from left to right The list of things heading to this waypoint

Under the action settings is a list of units, cities, and other waypoint that deal with this waypoint in some manner. You can disassociate a unit with this waypoint by pressing the red X next to the unit, city, or waypoint name. If you press the V button then you will be taken to the details page for that item.